The Most Intense Dancing Weekend Of My Life

contraI went to the Dance Flurry 3 hours away
Why I decided to go, I can’t quite say
So many from Ithaca seemed to go there
Curiosity would kill this cat with some flair

I showed up not knowing what I would find
Techno Contra? Are these people out of their mind
The first night I danced to 2:30 in the morn
Under black lights and glow sticks I was reborn

I was suddenly trapped in the most wondrous of lands
A dancing fool to the most glorious live bands
I told everyone that I met I could stop anytime
A willing partner in a victimless crime

Truth be told I just could not stop
I beeped and I bopped when the beat dropped
Stepping into the main contra hall
Sweat and adrenaline, I felt the call

I could not walk out without having one dance
With any poor girl who would take a chance
For dancing with me was quite a gamble
Dancing 21 hours, I was in shambles

As long as I didn’t stop moving I was fine
The energy, the love, I was entwined
If you find yourself dancing your heart out till dawn
It’s most fun you can have …

With your pants still on

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