Karl Gesslein has spent his life in pursuit of everything that life can possibly offer.  His goal is quite simply to have the most incredible experiences he can muster in whatever time has been given to him on this earth. As a homeschooling single dad he has traveled to about 40 countries, many of them with his son. Constant effort is put into trying to figure out how to thrive in what is essentially a toxic environment that humans create for themselves. His strongest beliefs are

– You can heal yourself, in fact your body knows how to and wants to heal itself

– If you have freedom, your health and gratitude you can find joy in this life

– You can do anything if you believe that you can

You can friend him on facebook here and follow his adventures around the globe.

His other blogs are electricbike-blog.com and electric-boarding.com . You should subscribe to both so you never miss a single post.

One thought on “About

  1. exeter-thaiyogamassage

    HI there, I came here from a Bafang link and wondered if you could help? I have been trying to find some way to make my 350 watt kit legal by programming it with the lead but have very little technical aptitude, someone on a forum said that its the same hardware on both the 250 and 350 motor, I am trying to get legal to be able to get 3rd party insurance but don’t want to risk it being void. Your help would be enormously appreciated,
    all the best

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