My Struggle To Find A Brother I Didn’t Know I Had

George seemed happiest when he was being visited by those who loved him
George seemed happiest when he was being visited by those who loved him

What am I doing here?
I would ask myself time and again
Sitting by your bed
No god would Amen

Day after day, month after month
I would pray twice a day that your sorrow would end
you fought and you fought and would not ascend
I could not understand, till I would be your friend

Love is what holds us close to our hearts
It holds us together and tears us apart
Love is what we crave, from all that we meet
When we forget to love, we often mistreat

I remember a time so long ago
When I was a child, just starting to grow
You were so big, so tall and so old
Your lack of interest in me was always so cold

The smell of solder wafted from your room
it sung to my nose like a sweet lead perfume
You had every gadget, model, robot and plane
It was a child’s delight, technological domain

I was forbidden to enter so could only sneak peaks
As I grew older I longed to know your techniques
How you influenced me without ever knowing
How I longed to be like you without ever showing

Then the day came when the darkness did spawn
Your mind would drift, you could not rely on
The illness set in and the world set with spite
Was determined to break you with all of its might

Trust no one, everyone is here to hurt you
Your mind’s eye was a lie, you couldn’t see through
Madness took hold of your soul for 30 years
No peace, no love, and nothing but tears

Push away everyone that you love
They will hurt you, they must be disposed of
I’ve never worked so hard to be seen
To be heard, to have you not be so mean

As long as I tried to think of what I could get
Everything was gone, like a last cigarette
The future seemed bleak, yet some hopeful too
Great spirit had lent you a very special clue

By giving your life such a shortness of breath
You would step up your game to beat your own death
Before you passed from this earth and started to rise
You must learn to love, what a special surprise

I would like to think that before you passed
You got that lesson finally, at last
You gave and you gave and then you gave more
You gave of your heart and never asking what for

You made it, you passed, you won at this game
Life is for struggle, for heartache and pain
Through it all we learn that nothing means more
Than the ones in our hearts we will always adore

Find peace George, wherever you are
Find peace in the ground, find peace in the stars
You shone so bright for the time you were here
Now go face that thing you always most feared

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