Death Is Infectious

Death. I walked into the room
Nothing was there but heartache and gloom
I saw my parents there,
They were sitting in chairs

Then I saw you on the bed
You were gone, you were dead
All that was left was an empty shell
A pile of meat that would soon start to smell

The spirit, what is it? What does it mean
When we are alive, we long to be seen
We dance and we sing and we feel so awake
When our spirits are gone there is nothing to take

I thought it was over, but it had  just begun
What do we do when our mind is undone
Night after night I awake with a sweat
Mind filled with terror, and forehead is wet

The ones that I love always suffer the most
They are hurt, they are maimed and I hold them close
I tell them gently that it will all be alright
But in my heart I know they will die that night

I lie to them, tell them everything is OK
I want to leave them and just run away
So painful to decieve  those that you love
Sparing them truth, they are innocent of

The moment I awake is the most precious of all
I suddenly realize it was a dream I recalled
That person that I loved is not going to die
I get giddy, and then I joyfully cry

The next time I see them I hold them so tight
I open my heart and then shine out my light
It’s far too easy every day, to carry on
Appreciate your loved ones before they are gone

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