Dumpster Diving and Bumper Tag – The Tale of a Disillusioned Youth


19 years old
the story be told
All I can recall
was the insanity of it all

I drove in a Volvo without any doors
with the Police Dept I was constantly at wars
We played this game called bumper tag
we’d hit our friend’s cars, they had no airbag

Then we’d drive out with a frenzied haste
and ignore all the rules of the road as we’re chased
We’d run red lights and stop signs all over town
until the other car would run us down

Then we’d get hit and have to sit still
to anyone watching we’d look mentally ill
then the chase would begin anew
I really don’t know how I ever got though

Living in abandon buildings was just a haze
Dumpster food and coffee, life felt like a maze
Everything hurt, pain was the norm
Dancing in moshpits became an art form

Nerds flocked to Geekfest from miles around
Huge parties we’d have, the roof would come down
Unholy terrors are what we’d become
We were akin to your basic pond scum

Anything that would hurt me I would always partake
Smoking or drinking or that big birthday cake
Somehow I managed to live through it all
This curious life soon became quite banal

Now I am older and far more wise
I take care of myself, and ignore my vice
I have a young son, a teenager now
Learning to live, I teach him how

There is nothing you could do to make me go back
I’d rather get beheaded and forced to smoke crack
Right here, right now is where I want to be
Now that I’m older my heart is set free

3 thoughts on “Dumpster Diving and Bumper Tag – The Tale of a Disillusioned Youth

  1. you were amazing in your searing path near the white hot sun. you were loud, patronizing, fearless, bullish, funny, poignant, shocking. it was hell’s little backwards glance, ithaca in those days…

    1. You were the endless supply of coffee kept us spinning and buzzing out of control, Rosebud diner waitresses were always trouble, but you were the best of the worst. Like the mother hen who wanted her little chicks to rage across the barnyard and destroy everything in their path… as you sat quietly doing crossword puzzles with that awkward smirk ever present on your face. I never could have tipped you enough except when I said

      “Get out of here Amy, there is nothing more for you here”

      Look how far we all have come, those that didn’t take their own lives through carelessness or purposeful intent.

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