Falling In Love …. With Contra Again

I had seen you before
out on the dance floor
at this place and that
always dancing, but no chat

When you walked up to me
that fateful night
I felt frozen in fear
like a deer in headlights

In that breathtaking gown
with your eyes on fire
time just slowed down
like a bird on a wire

I slowly reached out
and the moment we touched
an energy surged through me
I got such a rush

We lined up to dance
my heart pounded so strong
I thought it would jump out
the whole night long

Then the music started to play
your hand led the way
when it came time to swing

I lifted you off the ground
such energy, such passion
I could only feel astounded
I was flattered and flushed
moxy and mushed

Like flour and water
I couldn’t be crushed
my spirit was light
your heart was an oven
that could shape my life

When we gypsied I was lost
your eyes held me tight
around I could go
and be lost the whole night

If the dance had gone on
for 30 days and 30 nights
I still would have been still left
in a state of dizzying heights

When the song was over
the saddest moment of my life
I never thought
that I would feel so much strife

You reached out to hug me
and I started to cry
It was so hard

. . . for me to say goodbye

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