Am I in an Oven? Nope Just at Burning Man Yet Again

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I got back for a week then turned around and flew out to Nevada to camp in the desert for a week with my son and my good friend Eric Skawold in 2007. The Burning man trip was even more intense than Russia had been. The first day the thermometer said 100 degrees in the shade. I was totally overheated and could barely function. The first day I thought I was going to die right there in the desert. Once I stopped moving and just laid and sweat in the shade I started to feel better again. Orion had a fantastic time and most of my energy was spent trying to help facilitate him having a good time. Someone set the man on fire early, which to my great surprise actually made national news. The art installations were amazing and intense as always. The heat and dust storms were pretty intense, and trying to camp in a tent didn’t help.

My favorite art installation was called Crude awakening, which was a wooden oilrig tower that was hundreds of feet tall with a huge viewing platform at the time. When they finally burned it they used a huge fuel-air bomb that made it look like an atomic explosion. I have never seen anything so intense. While it was burning I thought about all the people in Iraq that were paying the price for our nation’s oil dependency.


There was another art installation called Jig Rig which was really amazing pair of intertwined 18 wheelers that you could climb up inside. There was no ladder or anything to facilitate climbing the structure so it was incredibly sketchy but also rewarding when you get to the top.

My good friend Jae showed up from NYC and found a lot of healing energy at Burning Man and it was great to be with my friend Eric and get to spend more time with him. He was great to be around and I really feel blessed to have him as a friend. I decided that this was my last ever trip to Burning Man and when I told Orion he cried and cried.

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